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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 11, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> glenn: i want to thank field team ten for their gift recently. tomorrow, a special incredible show. for veterans and future veterans. make sure you have everybody together, because tomorrow we start the quest for yes, i can. 2012. from new york, good night, from new york, good night, america. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: the president signals he's willing to extend bush era tax break for high income earners. extreme comments about extreme measures to deal with america's debt. senator from a small state may soon take aim at big political gain. live from the studio in washington, this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. the white house sought to contain fall-out today by remarks from president obama's top advisor that sounded very much like surrender in the administration's long-running battle with republicans in
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congress over mr. to raise taxes next year on high-income earners and small business o owners. correspondent james rosen has the story. >> reporter: president obama's senior advisor confirmed they'll accept extension of bush tax cuts for all brackets. interview with the huffington post, headline "white house gives in on bush tax cut." and david axelrod added i don't want to trade away security for the middle class to make that point. we have to deal with the world as we find it, axelrod sighed. >> my own take is that axelrod let go of a negotiating position that the administration wanted to hold over boehner and the g.o.p. it's possible he was signalling the progressive community this wasn't going to happen and let them know that the administration would support temporary tax cuts again. >> only before the great shellacking of november 2, president obama was opposed to the extension of tax cuts
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across the board. i refuse to think it makes sense to pay for $700 billion tax cut, for millionaires and billionaires. but then he was professing himself willing to cut a deal. >> how the negotiation works itself out is too early to say. >> axelrod told fox news today president obama still opposes a permanent extension for top earners. spokesman for house republican leader john boehner replied we hope he and the president will show leadership convincing speaker pelosi to stop the tax hikes permanently in the upcoming lame duck session. when he was asked if he'd compromise, he suggested that the next speaker of the house, from a different point of view will deal with the world as he finds. >> i said this 500 timed i'll say it one more time. i think extending the current tax rates and making them permanent will reduce uncertainty in america.
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help small businesses create jobs again. >> this came a day after nancy pelosi used an interview to reflect defiance and vow to fight the g.o.p. agenda from the minority tooth and nail. that disparity suggests that the democrat party still coming to grips with the reality created on election night. >> bret: more on this with the panel. thank you. rates on 30-year fixed mortgages fell to 4.17%. a new low in records dating to 1971. foreclosures fell by 9% in october. the sharpest margin of the year. that came as several major lenders halted most or all of their foreclosures amid allegations that thousands of them were handled improperly. stocks tumbled today. >> speaking of setbacks,
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president obama's trip to the economic g-20 summit is off to sluggish start. wendell goler tells us why. >> unable to finalize the trade agreement they hope to show case as model for other nations, president obama said he hoped there would be a short delay. >> we don't want months to pass before we get it done. we want it done in a matter of weeks. >> this stems from the auto maker that are being frozen out of the market. korea limits import of the u.s. beef as safeguard against mad cow disease. two michigan congressmen suggest that the president was right to walk away, saying, "there is a basic principle at stake with a practical impact on american jobs." but the u.s. chamber of commerce warned the koreans are negotiating a free trade deal with europe and, "american workers stand to lose 340,000 jobs without the
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u.s. deal." specialist charles freeman says the trade ambassadors let them down. >> that is putting pressure on your principle to throw up your hands and say okay. >> they are trying to convince jintao to elower the trade. >> we have a special balance for strong growth. >> u.s. officials says china exports more because goods are cheaper which is a result to keep balance of the currency low. the federal reserve boards recent decision to buy the u.s. treasury bonds is lowering the value of the dollar. and drawing similar criticism. >> everybody wants to balance their economy an their exports, the world will go bankrupt. if you only want to sell, who
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will buy. >> angela merkel had a trial balloon of the numerical limits leaving analysts to predict there will be no real erebalancing of the global trade. >> danger of not much movement there is we drift to protectionism when we can't afford to. most of the leaders said they vowed two years ago they ide avoid protectionism and warned once the economic crisis was over temptation would be hard to resist. >> wendell goler travelling with the president in seoul, south korea. thank you. back at home, the blow-back continues from the tough recommendations put forward by the leader of the president's bipartisan debt commission. correspondent jim angle has reaction to what some consider extreme proposals. >> the plan from co-chairman bowles and simpkin to cut trillions in the next few years is generating howls of protection on the left and caution on the right.
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those on the commission itself are careful. >> it's an ambitious proposal. parts i like and parts i don't like and parts i don't fully understand. >> on the right, they say you can't touch revenue. on the left, you can't touch entitlements. then you can't solve the problem. >> it's difficult to convey the depth of the danger we face and the report recommendations make it clear. >> the liberal critics waste nod time blasting the plan, especially parts dealing with the social security. speaker nancy pelosi issued a statement saying, "this proposal is simply unacceptable." democracy for america, liberal group, e-mailed saying the cochair of the deficit commission declared war on social security. a group called u.s. action called the bipartisan plan a reprehensible travesty. and condemned what it called the slashing of the safety net. >> tons of accusation and scare tam ticks to make
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low-income grand mothers think their benefits are at risk. it's not true. >> it gradually raises retirement age to 69, 65 years from now. but the plan falls hardest on the wealthier americans who would pay more in taxes and get less in benefits. >> look, these are steps that have to be taken. why? social security is headed for insolvency, which is going to go broke. >> social security won't have enough money to pay full benefit. >> across the board cut of 22% in social security. that should never happen. it would be irresponsible. >> and proposed changes will hurt less that analysts say can't be avoid. >> if they release a plan and everybody's response was it sounds good and nice. i wouldn't do anything. to deal with the problems we have. >> she says it's a wake-up call.
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>> bret: 2075, so 3-year-old has to work longer. >> yes. >> thank you. >> bret: president obama might want to watch out for the guy from the rent is too damn high party. we explain in the grapevine. straight ahead on veterans day, refocussing the timeline for getting u.s. troops out of afghanistan. >> i came to the marine corps and i had a fighter. happy to get rid of the sucker. the idea is not going off, and bother you tomorrow. you are fighting for your life. i didn't know about getting a medal. admiral took me to the white house to get the congressional medal of honor. take care of your engine and it'll go far.
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>> bret: checking world headlines, iran president accused the u.n. nuclear watchdog group of leaking information to the u.s. mahmoud ahmadinejad is refusing to allow international inspectors unannounced access to the country's nuclear facilities. the allegations come ahead of expected talks with world powers over iran's nuclear program. militants attack a police compound in a high security area of pakistan's largest city killing at least 15 people today. the terrorist strike in karachi was the first major attack in months, outside the northwest tribal regions as the militants seek to overthrow the u.s. allied government there. iraq's eight-month political limbo over forming a new government appeared to be ending today. but reporter david piper shows us optimism quickly gave way to realism. >> the sight of the two main contenders for prime minister sitting down together today raised hopes they were prepared to work together. at the parliament was preparing to vote on the
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presidency, the sunni backed iraqi party demanded a vote be taken on a deal to lift ban on running for parliament for four of their members accused of having ties to saddam hussein's baath party. when it was declined, allawi and members of the iraqi alliance which had the support of large sections of the sunni community walked out. before the count, lenl slators did vote for new speaker of the parliament and it left the kurdish and shiite members to vote in kurdish leader talabani as the president again. the first thing president talabani did was nominate nouri al-maliki for another term as prime minister. he now has 30 days to form a new government. i spoke to u.s. diplomat tonight about the war count and he said it was posturing and the important thing is they haven't walked out of the political process. >> bret: david piper life friday morning in baghdad. thank you. the afghanistan election commission is investigating whether a top government
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official pressured election worker to rig results in the september parliamentary election. representative government is obviously a work in progress in afghanistan. so is the concept of a self-sufficient military. national correspondent steve centanni reports it is getting more attention. would a review of the afghanistan war due in a matter of weeks, the white house is shifting the emphasis away from summer of 2011 when the u.s. troops begin to pull out of afghanistan to a new focal point three years down the road in 2014. when top u.s. officials now say the afghan army could control its own security. defense secretary robert gates told reporters this week he is embracing that goal. first put forward by hamid karzai. chairman of the joint chiefs, mike mullen is comfortable with the target. and secretary of state hillary clinton said conditions on the ground will determine a timeline.
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all three spoke at round table this week. and white house official tells fox news the message was we are looking to july of 2011 to begin a transition. now we tell people what happens beyond 2011. not any change but what we're trying to do is get past the july 2011 obsession so people can see what the president's strategy entails. this is seen as a victory for the military commanders who long objected to the 2011 timeline. >> the general senior leaders in afghanistan tell me time and again that the 2011 date is a millstone around their neck. >> could there be politics at play? >> they could have made the decision in advance of the election, and it sounds like they did but didn't announce it and didn't want to show leg so not discombobulate left of the democratic party. >> even so, rove says 2014 is
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better than 2011 and says they won't disappear from afghanistan next summer and says, "they'll be surprised in august, september, november, december when most american forces are still there and still coming after them." afghanistan is expected to top the agenda when president obama attends a nato summit in lisbon next week. we could hear much more about the year 2014 at that meeting. >> bret: steve centanni, live at the pentagon. thank you. bit later on veterans day we show you the navy newest warship named for a medal of honor hero. politician that knows a thing or two about guns may take his shot at the white house. it's pain relief without the pills.
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>> there has never been a
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u.s. president from south dakota, though four of the most famous have their own section of it called mount rushmore. the man who could be the first from the state is the subject of tonight's 12 in 2012 segment. senator john thune is a hunter who may soon pursue a different animal. >> how are you doing? >> bret: to see senator thune work a room -- >> well, knock on wood. he're hopeful. >> bret: us impressive. >> thank you. you're kind. >> bret: but if the room is a south dakota diner on opening day of hunting season, a whole different thing. before the hunt, and in between cups of coffee, the owner talks health insurance. thune says republicans like him on the front lines in the senate have been battling the obama agenda from the start to prevent stories like this.
6:22 pm
>> decision made at washington they think they're made in a vacuum. hard-working people trying to make ends meet. that's reality for a lot of americans. >> bret: for shthune getting out of washington is open prairies. his escape is hunting. >> it's as good as it gets. >> all right. spread out. >> let's do this. >> everywhere. >> 3-year-old. >> bret: 3-year-old. >> senator, that thing has seniority? >> yeah! [ laughter ] >> bret: when you are with your buddies do you talk politics? >> yeah. little bit. puts thing in the proper
6:23 pm
perspective. >> bret: this is his hometown. population 679. that's what the sign says. there is one blinking light, happenedful of stop signs. his mom and dad still flif his boyhood home a block away. growing up, quarterback of the football team and star of the basketball team. a sign in the gym shows he holds record for 800 in track. in 2004, when he beat my authority leader tom daschle- dubbed a giant-killer, a real political star, not only in the state but the republican party. the national journal put him on the cover with another up and comer in the democratic party, who is now the current president. thune rose through the republican ranks and at home he became so popular, democrats didn't even field a candidate to run against him this year. >> bret: where are you for possible 2012 run? >> i am giving it
6:24 pm
consideration. when you give encouragement and the aspirations are to make a difference and make a difference and put the gift and abilities to the highest and best use in service, you look at an opportunity to do that. it's a very daunting thing to think about. >> bret: what is the most daunting aspect of it? >> the amount of money to raise. and someone like myself who doesn't have personal wealth and big network so to speak. >> if you run, would you see yourself as establishment candidate? >> the word "establishment" is not a good word. i am a reaganesque conservative, right of center republican, two believes in a limited role for federal government, you achieve peace and strength and we ought to promote more freedom in the country, coupled with individual responsibility. i'm a pro-growth, pro-jobs
6:25 pm
conservative. >> bret: the strategist for a number of campaigns, including john mccain said of you he is charming, congenial, polite, statesman like. the problem may be he is too darn nice for presidential politics. we are sitting on a basketball court. can you throw elbows? >> you have to. in the modern political world, i'd describe it as a full contact sport. you have to be willing to mix it up. i have been in a couple of bare knuckles campaign. >> bret: what is the pressing foreign issue? >> iran is a huge threat. potential threat to the mast and country like our great ally israel and the united states. as much as i look at the external threat that america faces and there are many, the biggest threat to me in the near term is this massive debt that we have. >> bret: you voted for tarp. do you regret that vote? >> i regret how it was used.
6:26 pm
the tarp program has been misused, abused, and more offed into something different than i think was promised when it was being considered and debated. i don't think anybody had any idea it would lead to ownership of the car companies and insurance companies and banks and that you would have a serial intervention in the private economy. i have been the fiercest advocate of ending tarp. >> bret: his critics point to thune's time as lobbyist, in between his service in the house and senate. then once elected senator, he worked on some legislation benefits hig previous employers. >> the work i was doing while out of office was on behalf of the south dakota companies to raise jobs. those are things i worked on inside and outside of government. >> thune cuts a strong media immanual and he cuts across well on tv. that matters in modern politics. unknown from the midwest and he would have to spend almost
6:27 pm
full-time campaigning and raising money. >> bret: around the country, do you think many people know who senator john thune is? >> of course not. but once you get into a campaign like this, and candidates get out there, and get introduced to voters in the early state, that is something that can be overcome. >> what do you think? >> senator thune go the distance? >> he can go to distance. we've known john since he was a kid. he's a real good conservative christian. a good person. >> bret: by all accounts, from the colleagues in the senate to his hunting buddies back home. john thune is setting his sights op 2012. >> i may work in washington but i'm not a creature of washington. >> bret: join us friday night for look at louisiana governor bobby jindal as 12 in 2012
6:28 pm
continues. if you subscribe to the "new york times," you'll be interested to hear what they think of the old gray lady. that's next. in grapevine. jesse jekson warn what is will happen if president obama's healthcare law is repealed. /nñ÷ççv@wl;wo@@xú6-:hóxçññ
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6:32 pm
warning of dire consequences if the healthcare law is repealed. he tells msnbc ed schultz america would face creeping genocide and he went on to say this is a mass march for the kind of humane, a human destruction in the likes in which we've never known. senator majority leader harry reid had a raiser thin -- razor thin lead in his hometown. [ inaudible ] "new york times" editor doesn't seem to think the paper's customers are all that right. "forbes" reports that gerald mazerati said at industry function, "we have north of 800,000 subscribe irs paying north of $700 a year for home
6:33 pm
delivery. of course they don't seem to know that." they said when they raised it 5% only .01% of subscribers canceled. adding, "i think a lot has to do with the fact they're literally not understanding what they're paying. that is the beauty of the credit card." he later told "forbes" he meant to say it's always easier to keep customers in an opt out situation. finally, jimmy mcmillan, leader of the rent is too damn high is confident of his platform despite the failed bid. any office, he said, "i'll win." asked if he could beat president obama, he said yeah, no question, he'll be in trouble." asked if president obama beat him? he said, "i know president obama is on the internet constantly. i know he knows what i've done and maybe he might want me to work for part of his team." today is veterans day to honor those who served and are serving in uniform.
6:34 pm
a special day in fort lauderdale for a special ship named for special man ready to leave on the first mission. orlando salinas has the story. >> the uss dunham. state of the art destroyer. steel, soul and self-sacrifice. named in honor of the marine corporate jason dunham who died in 2004 saving fellow marines while fighting in iraq. >> every single marine in that squad that he is responsible for, the ten american sons all came back. >> jason is timeless. near syrian border, insurgent threw a grenade. dunham warned the marines and threw his body on top of the bomb. he died eight days later but he saved the lives of two other marines including retired marine sergeant hampton is who married and his wife remembers jason.
6:35 pm
>> we'll be cheek to cheek or close to each other and we'll say i love you to each other. she says, "and i love jason, too. ">> officer told us earlier this is a tragic beautiful story of self-sacrifice. 22-year-old dunham in the wrong place and yet he did the right thing. >> jason's parents say not a day goes by when they don't remember their boy. >> people will tell you it will get better with time. it's a lie. what you will learn how to do is find a way to move on and live through each day. >> the crew will home port in norfolk, virginia, where they train for first deployment. orlando salinas. fox news. >> bret: we have our own veterans day tribute at the end of the show. we'll talk about a tough day with the president with the all-star panel when we come back. hey, did you ever finish last month's invoices?
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we need to make sure over the next several weeks we are crossing the "t"s, dotting the "i"s, being able to make the case to both the korean people and the united states population that this is good for both countries. >> south korea free trade agreement hasn't been done yet. i would get done in recent days or weeks but the president unable to seal the deal in south korea, as he is talking about it today. the u.s. chamber of commerce is putting the heat on, releasing a statement saying time is of the essence. american jobs are on the line, since south korea will soon implement a similar arangement with the e.u., american workers stanted to lose 340,000 jobs with the agreement. a couple of michigan congressmen weighing in. senator levin and also the ranking member dave camp of
6:40 pm
the ways and means committee praising the president for lowing this down. saying it was essential for the government to deliver a strong me sanel incysting op a two-way street trade with south korea. what about this? we talk tax cuts as well. steve hayes, for "weekly standard" stand. a.b. stoddard, the hill. and columnist krout krout krout. let's start with the trade deal and the lack of it on this -- charles krauthammer and let's start with the trade deal and lock of it on the trip. >> the president walks out to a stage and walks out empty handed he has a failure on his hands. this is becoming a ritual. this is incompetence and experience and arrogance. handed a treaty by the bush administration. it was done. he wanted to improve on it. so far, he has nothing. the e.u. has a treaty, which is going to make it difficult. it will open up the market and it will remain closed to us. this is a pattern with obama.
6:41 pm
he thinks he can reinvent the world. with iran he decides he has a silver tongue and sweet talk anymore a deal. he is humiliated over and over again. russians, he gets nothing. middle east, he proposes a ban on jewish construction in jerusalem, which is never going to happen. what does it do after 17 years, it destroys any chance of negotiations. again, combination of he comes in, i'll reinvent the world. i know everything. arrogance. and the result, he gets zero results. >> bret: a.b.? >> it's a huge disappointment for the administration. he did not -- charles is right. he didn't want to negotiate this three weeks from now from home. he wanted to do it in seoul. and this is obviously very frustrating for him to be coming on the heels of this election. and he was going over there to turn the page and change the conversation. he desperately needs a win, which is why i believe there is a still a chance for him to
6:42 pm
work something out. he will be under tremendous pressure from the labor unions and from the auto industry. i think a trade agreement that he can pass without democratic votes but with the republican votes and really get a bipartisan across the aisle win this early is essential for his own best interest. >> bret: steve? >> talk about a place where there is common ground and demonstrate if there is a new president obama that we're seeing hit the action. i think this would be an opportunity and it look like he's missed it temporarily. >> the troubling aspects are the complaints from the south korea side they weren't provide u.s. demand in enough time to go over there and think about how they could reach a compromise. if that is true, that is a de stating report, that if they didn't get them in time and they didn't know the details of what they'd be asking. that is why it fell apart, and
6:43 pm
that would be a problem. >> bret: in the meantime, charles, u.s. is starting to affect china. in what is called manipulation of the currency but they're accused of manipulating the own currency with a federal reserve dump of $600 billion in the economy. >> that's correct. what we have done is reduce the dollar dramatically and you can see it in the drop of the prices for gold, copper and a way to measure it. we have accused the chinese of devaluing, in a sense they have. to respond in kind. if it continues, the germans and the others are right. if it continues you will end up in a worldwide currency war, like the tariff wars of the '30s, decemberstrucktive. >> in the meantime, there is development on extension of the bush era tax cuts. this is what president obama said a couple of weeks ago about this issue.
6:44 pm
>> i refuse to think it make sense to pay for a $700 billion tax cut for millionaires and billionaires. >> and how that negotiation works itself out, it's too early to say. >> bret: saying he is willing to negotiate. now we get word from the senior advisor david axelrod in an interview with the huffington post, saying we have to deal with the world as we find it. i don't want to trade away security for the middle class in order to make that point. all signals, a.b. they're ready to negotiate on a temporary extension of the top earner's tax cuts. >> bret: >> right. >> this is something we concluded would be the end game, but we didn't know the end game was now on november 11. democrats hope with the polling showing a majority of americans support sunsetting the tax cut for the wealthiest earners. just hoping for a little bit of a fight.
6:45 pm
hoping they cannot full tent today. yes, they don't have the votes. republicans are against any permanent middle cut tax cut. one for the wealthy that they'd have to defend separately later on. the democrats are really upset. >> we saw the results when they walked it back. no, no. what he meant is we have to have negotiations but not giving it away yet. the important thing is they can't decouple the upper rate cat with the others. >> bret: so we're clear, this is about keeping the rates the same. as they are currently. >> right. the language matters in this discussion.
6:46 pm
this is the continuation of the rates that have been in place for a decade. i think on the other, what republicans need to do now or what the discussion of the republicans doing now in terms of a compromise is looking at something that is not necessarily permanent. but goes beyond two years that democrats seem behind the scenes ready to give. >> bret: three to five year. >> three to five years and we could get to the point where five years is the actual negotiating point, because after five years, of course, there will be potentially a new administration. i think republicans might be more comfortable with that as negotiating point. >> bret: charles? >> this is all result of the shellacking. reason that the end game is coming in the opening gamut is the elections have results and they mean something. remember, in 2009 at the beginning of presidency, obama was in a discussion with the republicans. he got to the point in the debate he said i won. republicans won. as a result we get extension
6:47 pm
of the big cuts and the republicans will resist any cup link that is essential. if that happens, two years, three years or more, it doesn't matter. it will be renegotiated and reorganize -- reargued. >> bret: bottom line, bad day for president? >> yeah, for the last week or so. >> bret: up next, iraq tries to form a new government and questions about when u.s. can get out of afghanistan. meantime, visit show note section of the home page. for an exclusive investigation in how some muslims attending a capitol hill prayer group may have terror ties.
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6:50 pm
>> bret: two foreign policy stories. iraq forming a government, looked like it was a done
6:51 pm
deal, but later today, section of parliament and large section of the sunni community walked out. in afghanistan, white house focussing less on the summer of 2011 date and more on 2014. when the commanders say they should take control of the security. back in the panel and start if afghanistan. steve? >> look, i think it's better for people like secretary of state clinton, like admiral mullen and secretary gates to talk about 2014 lather than talk about their commitment to get out in 2011 and begin the draw down. that is a positive development. but it doesn't matter unless they say it. we can't play the games or assume that people in the afghan villages are going to understand the change of the policy because of the nuance from the secretary of state. that doesn't work that way. only way it works is if they repudiate the deadline, president obama does it in a
6:52 pm
strong way. there hasn't been the presidential leadership that we have seen president obama use on other issues and healthcare and the economy. where is he making the case for this war that he says is crucial for the u.s. national security? he's not making the case. >> bret: dennis kucinich is going to offer amendment to funding and pull troops out. he said he will allow aements and the votes when the new congress gets in. it's the republicans that will be supporting the administration in afghanistan. >> true. it will be interesting to see if the newcoming republicans are against the libertarian tea party backed candidates are against sending more money to afghanistan. this is a war that is lost the support of the american public. i think though it's a
6:53 pm
reversal, the statements about 2014 are reversal from the stated policy of 2011 being a turning point. even if he hasn't said it yet and i agree he hasn't sold his support and commitment to the effort, it's significant he could be turning against the war knowing it's so unpopular across the country and he's not. doubling down in his commitment. 2011, that 2011 date was paralyzing the mission and they knew it. providing the advantage to the taliban. we won't see the eeffect because the president is not saying it for months but it might, it might have an effect. they should be given credit for trying to change course. >> bret: the promise that the iraqi government was going to get itself together, late developments as allawi and his supporters walked out. where are we here, charles?
6:54 pm
>> in iraq, all good news is contingent and tentative. you get national unity government and then walk over peripheral issue. i have wouldn't put credit to what happened today. iraqi politics are theatrical and occasionally hysterical. that's not the major issue. already you have a spirit who is a sunni. a promise where the head o the bloc is on the council. it's not clear if they will have real authority. if it doesn't, sunnis will walk out in a month. secondly, the other question how many of the ministries and which ones are the satirites -- the one who followed the sadr, proiranian cleric. that is why it's contingent. depends power of the sadrites
6:55 pm
and if they accept offices they will be given. >> that is it for the panel. stay tuned for a final thought about veterans day. could switching to geico really save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance? does a former drill sergeant make a terrible therapist? patient: and that's why yellow makes me sad. i think. sarge: that's interesting. you know what makes me sad? you do! maybe we should chug on over to mambie pambie land where maybe we can find some self-confidence for you. ya jackwagon! tissue? crybaby. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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>> bret: we end our show tonight with a special thank you to all of the men and women who are serving or who have served in the u.s. military and to their families who serve and sacrifice for the country as well. last week i was honored to moderate a panel of wounded warriors who serve in iraq or afghanistan. each shared stories of recovery and rehabilitation. there were veterans who lost limbs, one lost both of his legs. some suffered from traumatic brain injuries, others from post-traumatic stress disorder. all of the veterans there say they were proud to serve and would do it again. and a after all that they have suffered, they are now helping other veterans recover and plug back into society. to moderate that panel was humbling it makes you realize how fortunate we are as a
6:59 pm
country who have men and women who volunteer to serve and families that sacrifice when they do. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, grateful, and unafraid. >> present. >> present. >> arms. >> as president of the united states, i have no greater privilege than serving as commander and chief of the finest military that the world has ever known. now, on this day, we honor every man and woman who has ever worn the uniform of the united states of america. we salute the fallen heros and keep in our prayers those who are still in harm's way. ♪ >> collectively, the generation of soldiers, sailors and air men and marines who have served and sacrificed for us are the heart


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